Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Signs and A Prayer

signs 2

Hello to y’all who have taken a moment to stop by here at SCD’s.  It has nearly been a whole month since the last post here.  My-oh-my how time has been swept right under the rug!  With the holiday season on our heals, I’ve been knee deep in holiday fluff for the past month and now can sit back a wee bit and take a deep breath.  After four weeks and three massages, my little spaces at the antique stores are done being decorated and stocked with new inventory and little bit by little bit it has all come together.  I will be sure to share some photos of the stores here in the next week.

I have been having fun making signs to sell and have shared some of them with you before, as shown in the next three pics.



The newest signs are the Farmhouse Christmas sign that I made on an oval piece of salvaged wood and the simple Christmas sign that was made using an old cabinet door. 

For the sign below, I simply painted the door with white chalk paint, roughed up the edges and stenciled Christmas on the front panel.  My friend Becky sells the metal snowflakes and I bought a few to glue onto the sign for added interest and texture. 

signs 3

I have never kept any of my signs for myself, HOWEVER….

I took a liking to the Farmhouse Christmas sign and it looks at home on the shelf in the laundry room.  The horse door stop is a recent purchase from my friend, Jeanette.  I love the way he looks with the black on cream crocks.


My friend, Lynn, had the bottle brush trees for sale in her wonderful space at the store.  I have been wanting some to put inside containers and these fit perfectly with the little ones on my shelf.


My Farmhouse Christmas vignette is coming along … maybe I’ll add a few more tid bits…or maybe not.  Or maybe…or maybe not.  We’ll see what my mood leans more toward this year.  I’m beginning to lean on the less is more band wagon.



I am also asking for prayers for my sweet friend, Judy Clark over at 20NorthOra blog.  As some of you may already know, Judy’s husband John lost his battle with cancer.  Judy pulls her strength from God and her faith and knows that John is now in the arms of Jesus and no longer suffering in his earthly body.  Prayers for peace and strength for Judy and her family…..thank you.


Saturday, October 11, 2014

A View Of The Shop!

I love going into a store that has wonderful displays and inspiration for decorating, especially the mixing of old with new.  It is a real treat to visit such stores and to take in the artistry used to make displays unique and interesting.  Not every store is like that – and that is ok – but I love going to those that are.  I could spend hours just studying vignettes and merchandising techniques.

The other day I toted my handy camera along and took some photos of the antique mall that I sell at.  So let me start with my friend Cheryl’s space.  Cheryl has been in this business for many years and has such a keen eye for decorating and finding beautiful items to sell.  She plans for months in advance how her space is going to look and collects items to use for her “themed” d├ęcor.  The next eight photos are just a few corners of her space.  She is my “neighbor” at the store and it is so nice to have a neighbor with a beautiful space!

Above, Cheryl added an architectural salvage piece to the top of her cabinet and nesting on a ledge is a faux owl.  Below is an old glass incubator that she added a doll head to.  Kind of creepy, but hey, it IS Halloween time.
If creepy isn’t your thing, then perhaps this sparkling chandelier suits your fancy….
…or this pretty French chair.
Isn’t she intense?  If looks could petrify….She looks like the Ice Queen of Narnia.
These antique pharmacy bottles are super cool…and I bought a few for moi.  Smile

My other “neighbor” at the store is my friend Barbara.  Not only does Barbara have a terrific eye for finding cool old stuff, she is also an artist and makes beautiful hand stamped/hand colored cards.  These are just a sampling of her Fall and Halloween cards.  They are really magnificent!  See the wreath below?  She cut each leaf out, painted it and then glued them one by one on the wreath.  The pumpkin below is also painted with water colors.


In between Cheryl and Barbara is my corner.  Here is the Farmer’s Market sign that I made.  It looks at home with the flea market basket, jelly jar cabinet and old trug.
Majolica looking corn plates in fall colors rest in old bread bowls.
This little guy is trying to make a break from his basket!  I don’t blame him, the weather is perfect outside here in California.
Have a great weekend everyone!

...and cheering for our SF Giants!!!