Sunday, December 7, 2014

Winter Whites

It is a quiet morning here and I am watching the sun come up and melt the blanket of fog that eerily looms over our part of the world.  Soon the birds will appear outside and pick and choose from the winter bounty available in our yard.  A fat Blue Jay is a new visitor and he seems to fancy the bird bath that is filled with fresh rain water.  My Scottie, Duhgall, is nestled up next to me and a steaming cup of Major Dickenson’s French Roast has been poured in my mega white coffee mug and waits for me to savor.  I love quiet mornings.  Hubby and I are catching up on a Madam Secretary show that we missed.  Soon I will be heading over to help a friend make her home beautiful with her Christmas collections.

The house feels cozy with the Christmas lights twinkling and a Christmas candle fills the air with a beautiful scent of orange and cloves.  Low lights shine in the dining room that plays host to the white Belsnickle Santas, vintage deer and some of my round faced old clocks. The painting behind the deer adds for a backdrop for the Winter land scene.  I like using paintings as a backdrop for a vignette.  An old loving cup, with beautiful details of flowers on the base, holds a small little Charlie Brown tree.  Toping the dining table is a carved Swan that is nesting in a stack of wood dough bowls.  The room feels very serene and it is one of my favorite rooms in our little home.


I spied the first bird just now.  Looks like a few more are showing up now.  Time for breakfast!

Hope your day is beautiful and full of wonder!

Friday, December 5, 2014

A Little Vintage Whimsy Pleases The Heart

A few posts ago I shared some very plain and simple holiday touches on the laundry room shelf.  Well, as it goes, I decided to embellish the vignette up a bit by adding some of my favorite little vintage collectibles.  They not only add a pop of color to the mostly black, white and mustard yellow accents in the room – they add a sense of whimsy and playful fun.  Their faces and expressions could be perfect inspiration to develop a story.  For example….


….”Weeeeeeee…….don’t tell Santa that we found his stash of Egg Nog in the “Pure Milk” truck!  Sure Santa….your secret is out now!”

A question came to me from Lorri about this farmhouse print.  The print is titled “Birthplace of Ulysses S. Grant, Point Pleasant, Ohio.”  I love the elements in the photo…a little cottage, a river boat, cows and trees.  I really don’t know too much about the lithograph of Appalachian life, but I did find an old etching on eBay that is of the old homestead.  Just click here for the link.