Sunday, July 26, 2015

Tomato - Toe-Maw-Toe


Any way you slice it...
Any way you say it......
It is a gift for summer deliciousness!

Chopped and added to an omelette with fresh basil, cheese and bell peppers or...

.....cut into glorious thick slices for a BLT on freshly baked Ciabatta.

Toasted buns, snappy lettuce, baked ever-so-crisp thick slices of bacon...

...piled up for a wonderful summer dinner.

Any way you have it, nothing beats a home grown tomato.  We are lucky enough to be blessed by a friend who has a bounty of summer time veggies that he shares with us.  Ever so thankful for these fresh beauties!  Oh YUMMO!!!

Monday, July 20, 2015

My Newest Collection - Antique English Cream Crocks

First of all, thank you so much for all of the comments left for our new rescue Scottie, Miss Katie!  She is settling in, adapting to her new forever home and even had her first hair cut, which I will share later.  Duhgall is so sweet with her and lets her lay on his pillow and sleep next to him under the buffet in the entry hall.  He has such a gentle spirit. 

Let me share with you the beginning of one of my newest collections, antique English cream crocks.  I have been collecting the English marmalade crocks for some time now and had only one little cream crock.  A few weeks ago I found three more cream crocks and as you all know, it only takes "three" to be a "collection".  

Having spent a lot of my childhood time out at my Uncle and Aunt's Dairy, I have a soft spot in my heart for cows and horses.   I don't have masses of collections of one specific thing (I don't like clutter), but I do believe that I could easily start such a collection with these wonderful little works of art.  The graphics on them are charming AND they are mostly of cows.  

I am fond of antique advertising, especially that on crocks.  Black on cream is my favorite, but I really like the blue on cream as well.  The gentlemen that I bought the Carrick's Cumberland Dairy and Hailwood's cream crock from said that these were dug up near the river Thames in England.  They are chipped and a little dirty, but imperfections are ok with me.  After all, they are over one hundred years old and have been layered in dirt. I'm "digging" them now!  :)

My hubby likes these as well.  I have shared photos of them from Pinterest and I think he fancies them just as much as I do.  That is a good thing girls!  Hubs likes + me likes + want more = a win, win and a "green light" to find more!  Maybe not a big thing to some of you who have husbands that collect things, but for me it is all good!  He hasn't been bit by that collecting bug - or just simply doesn't have that gene - until now.  

For now the little herd of crocks sit on the shelf in the farmhouse style laundry room.  I like that they go well with the "Cowhide Brand" sign that sits on the top shelf.  When the collection expands, I will have to find a funky piece to display them in.  I may even have something stashed in storage to use...note to self, look for that shelf!

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